July 21, 2009
New Job Openings
Cyber Kings has new job openings for PHP Developers, PHP Internees and Graphics Designers. Interested candidates may apply.

We have a highly skilled website development team dedicated to the creation and deployment of the highest-quality websites. As well as we have the ability to provide a wide variety of networking and software solutions, our development team has unparalleled resources to develop an exciting, dynamic web presence for your business or organization.

Interactivity is the key to a successful web presence. Our qualified experienced designers and developers are well versed in developing interactive web sites through the use of all industry-standard programming languages. Cyber Kings can provide high end CGI and database solutions custom tailored to your needs. Custom ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, JSP, VB.Net, VB, Java, Javascript, VBscript, VRML, Perl and ColdFusion programming is also available.

A key element for any website is the graphical look and feel. Our staff works to ensure that your site is not only pleasing to the eye, but also loads fast and provide an effective corporate image. Cyber Kings can enhance your site with truely interactive rich multimedia content using dynamic HTML, Shockwave, VRML and Realaudio. Cyber Kings can truely make your site stand out in the crowd and fulfill all your communication needs.

With years of experience and knowledge of the latest methods of implementing web sites, Cyber Kings can address the feasibility and costs of your requirements and inform you of the most cost-effective way to accomplish your goals.

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